Governor DeSantis and Hurricane Ian


Whenever a natural disaster hits, that is when a state’s leadership is truly tested, and the capability of its leaders is on full display. As Hurricane Ian makes landfall, impacting millions of Floridians, Gov. DeSantis and state leaders have taken the necessary precautions needed to protect and help citizens most affected by the storm. In times like these, we realize the importance of strong leadership, a type of leadership that understands the purpose of government and is ready to put the safety of its people first.

As the storm approached at a rapid pace, Gov. DeSantis took the necessary steps by declaring a state of emergency, mobilizing the Florida National Guard, and readying the Emergency Operations Center. And according to Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis, the state directed the largest response operation in its history to prepare for Ian’s landfall.

Governor DeSantis and our other leaders, like CFO Jimmy Patronis, understand the importance of a fully supported force of first responders and a strong emergency response team. As a state familiar with the consequences of natural disasters, the governor has not failed to provide Florida first responders with the resources they need to be prepared, and in efforts to strengthen hurricane readiness, Gov. DeSantis moved to reestablish the Florida State Guard in June. A force of civilian volunteers, the Florida State Guard is tasked with assisting Floridians in state emergencies like hurricanes, at the ready for mobilization when disaster strikes. When the governor announced the group’s formation, he explained that the civilian force would rectify the disparity between the national guardsmen supplied by the federal government in Florida to that of other states.

The federal government holds jurisdiction over the National Guard but has failed to provide Florida with the personnel they need to accommodate a growing population. A reserve component of the United States Army and the United States Air Force, the National Guard is deployed for federal missions during certain state disasters, like hurricanes and dangerous chemical spills. The military force is charged with working collaboratively with local authorities and standard first responders to increase emergency response capacity, and in a state where natural disasters are inevitable, it is imperative that our state’s government has the manpower it needs to protect its citizens.

Instead of waiting for Washington, D.C. to supply Florida with the adequate number of National Guard members, Gov. DeSantis decided to take matters into his own hands to keep Floridians safe in the face of Hurricane Ian. The governor, along with our other state leaders, has not let us down, and it is apparent that they have the strength and foresight needed to prepare Florida for the trials ahead. We know that we have strong leadership at the helm who are capable and know how to prepare for these types of emergencies, and they will do everything in their power to be there for the people of Florida.

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